TOTAL PERFECTOR is enriched with next-generation smoothing polymers, deployed for the first time by Biotherm Homme, providing an ultra-smooth second skin effect. Together with soft focus charges to give an instant uniform complexion, this lightweight, fast-penetrating, fresh gel-cream, improves the skin's surface instantly and the skin's quality after 4 weeks.


The texture is NON-STICKY, NON-GREASY, NON-SHINY. The light blue-coloured fresh fel-cream provides an instant aqueous fresh feeling. It leaves a moisturizing, comfortable film on skin with no greasy residues.

The formula offers a mattifying finish with instant skin-perfection effect.

The scent:
- Top notes - marine acccords, pear, ginger, coriander
- Mid notes - icy mint, lavender, cucumber

- Base notes - mus, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber


- Regenerating effect: Improvement of epidermal cell renewal1
- Significant diminution of total fluorescence score, higher kinetics of fluorescence disappearance and fewer days until fluorescence disappears versus untreated zone.
- Effect on Dark spots: a 13% decrease in total area of dark spots after 4 weeks2.
- Significant decrease in pores visibility after 4 weeks of product use3.

1 Protocol: Evaluation of epidermal cell proliferation by fluorescence with Dansyl Chloride (fluorescent substance) skin labeling on 35 men.
2 Protocol: Image analysis of digital photographs in cross-polarized light to evaluate dark spot parameters on 49 Asian men.
3 Protocol: Clinical grading of pore visibility via Dermascore device in parallel polarized light on 49 Asian men

Apply a nutshell (2 pressions on the pump) every morning and/or night on cleansed skin. Enjoy!

• P.PAVONICA Mediterranean Sea Algae extract: Commonly referred to as "Peacock's Tail" because of its distinctive fan shape, the Padina Pavonica brown algae thrives in shallow waters, at maximum depths of 60 meters, in the Mediterranean sea. Its purified extract stimulates key skin components, to help in optimizing the skin's structure and quality.
• Life PlanktonTM regenerating extract
• Glycerin
• Polymers
• Soft Focus Charges
• Exfoliating agent ER195
• Actyl CTM